The Driving Guide

The Connection Between Driving and the Environment


Driving a car, truck and bus are the most air polluting activities that an average citizen commits. Humans need to understand that car exhaust is toxic at ground level and that all the exhaust from all combustion engines combines to produce local adverse effects on the health of car users and all the other innocent by standers. Extravagant car use is the other cause for emissions from passenger vehicles. Fuel efficiency has dropped by a large margin because larger vehicles have replaced the smaller ones.


Driving less will reduce both local and global pollution. If more people adopted walking, cycling and public transit, we will see a great reduction in emissions and have a healthier environment. If you are able to try a different work schedule like working from home, you can adopt this to your lifestyle. Cities can reduce their vehicular traffic by improving the public transportation. Residents can use commuter trains as an alternative to driving for shorter distances and cities will save on parking in terminal lots. The use of cars must also be redefined and be considered a privilege and not a right. The efficiency of vehicles here must also be improved reversing the trend of larger vehicles.


The governments can encourage the reduction of vehicular use by promoting voluntary abstention for example. If they are able to separate commercial and private traffic, it will improve the efficiency of road use. If manufacturers stop using car-oriented road and highways and replace them with park-like corridors designs, the roads will be more efficient. The other way you can ensure that you are protecting the environment is by ensuring that your car is well maintained. Keep your tires properly inflated. Topping off your tank causes spills that might damage the gasoline-vapor recovery equipment of the car making it inefficient. Get regular oil changes and keep checking the air and fuel filters. Know more about driving lessons in


Do not idle the care because when you do, you are getting zero miles per gallon. It is advisable that you completely turn off the engine if you are going to waiting for more than a few minutes. It is recommended that you plan your trips in a way that you combine all the errands. Another useful tip at this website you could use is cleaning out the car so that you decrease the gas mileage caused by the extra pounds. Accelerate and decelerate smoothly and this will lower your mileage by a huge percentage.